World Retina Week (19th to 25th September)

Classic Eyes Gateway & Classic Eyes Pavilion will be offering free retinal photography during World Retina Week (19th to 25th September). Retinal photography assists in the early detection and diagnosis of retinal diseases.

Retina South Africa is launching their “A cure in Sight” campaign. This campaign publicizes the tremendous advances that are being made in the fields of gene therapy, artificial retinas, stem cells and related sciences. The genetic retinal blinding conditions such as Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa and other allied Retinal dystrophies affect thousands of South Africans and millions worldwide

Progressive loss of vision may be caused by deterioration of cells in the retina. The retina lies at the back of the eye and acts like a film in a camera, capturing and processing light. The rate of vision loss is variable and at present, degenerative conditions are incurable.

Examples of retinal diseases include:

Macula degeneration – The first symptoms are usually visual distortion of straight lines and difficulties in reading, recognition of faces and other fine-focus visual tasks. Peripheral vision is generally retained

Retinitis Pigmentosa – Rod photoreceptors in the retina are affected. This causes night blindness, poor contrast vision and slow light to dark adaptation. Loss of peripheral vision results in tunnel vision. Central vision may be lost later in the disease

Juvenile Macular dystrophy – The most common form is Stargardt Dystophy. This condition is usually diagnosed in young people under the age of 20, with a loss of central vision and difficulties in reading . Colour vision is sometimes affected.

Usher syndrome – This is one of the major causes of deaf-blindness.

Regular eye examinations and early detection could lead to rehabilitation, low vision assistance and access to treatment.

 Normal Retina  Macula Degeneration

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