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Classic Eyes Covid-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 Update To our Classic Eyes Customers Following the announcement by the President that South Africa will be going into a country-wide lockdown in an attempt to control the spread of Covid-19, we would like to inform you of the following: Both our Pavilion and La Lucia stores will be closed during this lockdown period. […]

Important notice from Johnson & Johnson

Dear Acuvue Contact Lens wearer We received the notification below from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. According to the letter, Johnson &Johnson will no longer be supplying any Acuvue contact lenses to South Africa – this means that from the end of February we will no longer be able to order any of the Acuvue® Moist, Acuvue® […]

Ultraviolet Radiation & Your Eyes

Most people understand the link between ultraviolet (UV) radiation and skin cancer. Many are, however, less aware of the connection between UV radiation and eye damage. With increased levels of UV radiation reaching the Earth’s surface, largely due to the ozone layer depletion, it is important to take the necessary precautions to protect your eyes. […]

Sports & Vision

In most sports, you’ll never achieve your true potential if your eyes aren’t up to it. Peak athletic performance is not only due to extensive physical training and conditioning. Current research has shown that there is also a strong correlation between peak performance and excellent visual skills, making an athlete’s eyesight one of the most […]

Bausch+Lomb: See Better Live Better

An eye-opening stat: almost 70 percent of people from around the world would rather give up 10 years of their life, or even sacrifice one of their limbs, than lose their eyesight. Yet less than one third of those polled take the basic steps necessary to preserve eye sight, according to the “Barometer of Global […]